The Demon Undertaker by Cameron McAllister
(Random House Children's, 2016)

The Demon Undertaker

by Cameron McAllister

London, 1759, and young Thomas Fielding is fresh off the boat from the colony of Virginia. Sixteen years old and full of ambition, he is seeking the help of his uncle, Henry Fielding, the notorious playwright and London magistrate. But en route to his uncle’s lodgings in Covent Garden, Thomas witnesses a girl being kidnapped and gives chase. Lost in the maze of alleyways that make up the City of London, his first foray into police work ends in ignominy when he is arrested for the crime himself, but Thomas is determined to find the kidnapper, help his reprobate uncle be a true magistrate, and solve a personal mystery of his own.

From grand houses to thieves’ dens, budding detective Thomas Fielding leads you on a manhunt in a novel that is part Oliver Twist, part The Ruby in the Smoke.


This book will thrill you and delight you from the very first page to the last . . . A lightening fast, stage coach of a ride . . . Packed full of mystery adventure . . . This is a fantastic five star read and is one of my favourite books this year”
- Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books
An absolutely brilliant book! We loved every second of it! It's fast-paced, funny, gruesome. LOVED it from first word to the last”
- Lisa Heathfield, author of Paper Butterflies
A superbly atmospheric, thrilling and satisfyingly gruesome mystery!”
- Jonathan Stroud, bestselling author of the Bartimaeus and Lockwood series
A fun read for those who enjoy a gruesome mystery”
- Books for Keeps