Hello World by Dr Hannah Fry
(Transworld (UK), Norton (US), 2018)

Hello World

by Dr Hannah Fry

We are at a remarkable point in human history; the possibility of how to use mathematical tools and algorithms to enhance and enrich our lives is endless. In this book Dr Hannah Fry, who has spent the last five years as an academic working on algorithms used by governments, police forces, health analysts and supermarkets, will lift the lid on this secret world.

She’ll follow the path of algorithms from conception to implementation, talk to the people who create them and meet some of the stars of the show. She’ll use these stories and case studies to take a tour through essential elements of human existence and demonstrate just how intertwined and indispensable algorithms have become to modern life. Some are benign, some are useful, some are deeply troubling. None, at the moment, are regulated, supervised or accounted for.

As well as being a riveting ride, in the hands of an insider, Black Box will be a strident call to arms.

Co-authored with Dr Thomas Oleron Evans


Hello World is an action-packed, quick read during which you will be outraged, provoked, and challenged. The numerous, meticulously researched examples reveal the astonishing new world we're living in, one where secret decisions with ambiguous goals are deciding our individual and collective fates. Welcome to the modern world of big data, you're quite possibly screwed.”
- Cathy O'Neil, author of Weapons of Math Destruction
Computers used to be tools, then they were toys, and now they're all around us. You couldn't ask for a better guide to this bewildering new world than Hannah Fry, who fills Hello World with wit, storytelling and superbly clear insight. Bravo!”
- Tim Harford, author and presenter of Fifty Things That Made the Modern Economy
Wise, sharp and witty, the definitive guide to living in the age of social media, algorithms and automation.”
- Adam Rutherford, author of A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived and co-presenter of The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry