How to Save a Life by Eva Carter
(Pan Macmillan, 2021)

How to Save a Life

by Eva Carter

What does it take to make a hero?

Junior doctor Kerry Smith is addicted to rescuing others. Eighteen years ago, on the eve of the millennium, she saved the life of teenage footballer Joel Greenaway who ‘died’ for eighteen minutes.

But life after death doesn’t guarantee a happy ending.

Joel can’t let go of the future he longed for and rejects Kerry with a cruelty that wrecks her plans. Her best friend Tim can’t forgive himself for freezing when Joel collapsed – when Tim lies about what really happened, the shame traps him in a life he loathes.

The shockwaves of that night change the course of three lives over the next eighteen years. Each time Kerry, Joel and Tim believe they’ve found love, discovered their vocation or simply moved on, their lives collide again.

Joel is the first to break, followed by Tim. But when it’s Kerry who needs saving, will anyone be there for her?

Structured around the internationally recognised ‘chain of survival ‘ – four simple steps that allow any of us to help save a life – this epic love story explores how heroism isn’t only about what you do when disaster strikes. It’s also about how you find the courage to put yourself back together afterwards.

HOW TO SAVE A LIFE combines the intense emotions of Me Before You and You Me Everything, with the powerful romance of One Day in December and the medical drama of This is Going to Hurt.


How to Save a Life is so rich and fully-rounded--a sweeping, brave, epic love story. I was hooked from the very first page. I loved it. All the stars!”
- Josie Silver, #1 New York Times bestselling author of One Day in December