Made In Britain  by Evan  Davis
(Little,Brown, 2011)

Made In Britain

by Evan Davis

This book is about the things that Britain produces in order to pay its way in the world, from physical goods that we can see and feel, to intangible services that are much harder to quantify.

We don’t have to be prejudiced in favour of certain types of value: we shouldn’t assume finance is modern, and manufacturing out of date for example. What matters is what sells and for how much.

From manufacturing to technology, design and the services industries, this book will provide a cutting edge analysis - via entertaining stories - about what we make and why it matters.


This book’s strength is that it works hard to explain the economics lucidly for the general reader – Davis is a skilled communicator – while not falling for sloppy thinking that overstates the problem. ”
- Financial Times
He succeeds in bringing complex macro-economic arguments down to a digestible, consumer level and shows how decisions we have all made have impacted on the development of our economy - and will continue to do so in the future….As discussions continue among politicians and economists about the best way forward for the economy, Made In Britain could not be more relevant. ”
- The Scotsman