The Mask of Command  by Ian Ross
(Head of Zeus 0)

The Mask of Command

by Ian Ross

Six years after the battle for Rome, the truce between the two emperors has failed and Aurelius Castus is again in the frontline.

The truce between Constantine, emperor in Rome, and Licinius, emperor of the east, has failed and Aurelius Castus is in the frontline once more. He is ordered to take command of the military forces of one of the western provinces now forming the domain of Constantine’s teenage son, Caesar.

But trouble looms on every side, both at home in his difficult marriage and on the battlefield, where he must decide once and for all whose side he is on. Will he back the pro-Christian emperors Constantine and Crispus? Or lead an insurrection against them, back to the old gods and the old ways?


This tense, immersive novel is driven by the forceful yet always human Castus who is driven to the limits of endurance to protect what he holds dear. The best of a fine series, this also stands very well on its own.”
- Kate Atherton, Sunday Express
A corking story, thoroughly exciting and with some of the best fighting sequences I've read in Roman military fiction. I'm such a fan of this series but The Mask of Command could well be the best so far”
- For Winter Nights
With plenty of intrigue and bloody action, this is historical fiction at its rollicking best”
- Sunday Sport
Doesn't disappoint. Every maleficent twist and turn of Roman politico-military life is here together with Ian Ross' own brand of excitement and adventure making it a should-read”
- The Bookbag
As with this whole series the research is exemplary, the attention to detail is first class, and yet not thrust down the reader's neck, it's subtle and yet intricate, and the battles are a joy to read. Another absolute winner”
- Parmenion Books