Agony Falls by Jilliane Hoffman

Agony Falls

by Jilliane Hoffman

When pretty, popular, seventeen year-old Mallory Knight fails to come home from a party, cops initially believe she has run away or crashed at a friend’s - until her bloody jacket, purse and cellphone are found the next morning.

It’s not lost on anyone that the teen bears a striking physical resemblance to a girl whose brutalized body was discovered days earlier in Orlando, a suspected victim of a feared killer who’s been linked to several homicides in Georgia and North Florida. A killer who calls himself “the Handyman” in cryptic messages to the FBI.

And when a dishevelled, bruised and bloodied Mallory stumbles into a Denny’s restaurant claiming to have been abducted by an unknown white male, detectives have no reason to doubt her story.

The hunt begins in a race against time. The predator and his prey. The prey and her predator.