Last Witness by Jilliane Hoffman
(Michael Joseph, 2006)

Last Witness

by Jilliane Hoffman

It’s been three years since a string of brutal serial murders thrust Miami into the unwanted glare of the international spotlight. Three years since the largest manhunt in the history of the city was launched to find a sadistic killer, and as a monster now awaits his fate behind bars on death row, Miami has finally begun to heal.

But terror has returned to Miami and a new killer stalks the city. Except this one is different. This one hunts the hunters, the designated protectors of society, the men and women who keep watch during the deadly nighttime hours…

He hunts the police.

Cops are dying — brutally murdered while on patrol — and it seems the killer nicknamed The Black Jacket has only just begun. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Dominick Falconetti heads up a task force of Miami’s most experienced homicide detectives, as the shaken law enforcement community demands justice.

Details at the crime scenes point to a possible drug connection, and when a highly placed gang member disappears, Dominick finds corruption may be the unfortunate and unavoidable answer.

C. J. Townsend, the Miami-Dade SAO Major Crimes prosecutor he has loved for the past three years — ever since they met on the infamous Cupid investigation — is getting the calls in the middle of the night as well. As the Assistant State Attorney who put Miami’s last serial killer behind bars, she’s the logical choice to help stop this one. But before too long, a terrified C.J. begins to suspect that there may be another reason why cops are being viciously murdered. Only she can’t tell. Because the explosive secret she possesses can never be revealed, lest a madman go free…