The Quiddity of Will Self by Sam Mills
(Corsair, 2013)

The Quiddity of Will Self

by Sam Mills

The ghost of a beautiful young woman, Sylvie, hovers outside the window of Will Self’s study. She is seeking to influence his latest novel, before she can rest in peace. Sylvie was a member of the WSC - a mysterious cult of charismatic writers who appear to worship Will Self. When Richard, a twenty-something idler and literary wannabe, discovers Sylvie’s dead body he gets sucked into their dark world of absinthe, cloaks and bizarre initiation rites, slowly losing his sense of perspective on the strange events that encircle him. What is the true nature of the WSC? What did they do to Sylvie? And does Richard now face a similar fate?


An ingenious, energetic read, admirable for the verve and macabre imagination with which Mills pursues her quarry. ”
- Sunday Times
An extraordinary odyssey of orgiastic obsession ... a novel as ambitious and outrageous as this seems to defy conventional review ... the author's invention and enthusiasm and the depth of her apparent obsession are undoubtedly infectious.”
- The Guardian
Highly entertaining”
- The Observer
Quirky above and beyond the call of duty”
- Irish Independent