Breaking News by Alan  Rusbridger
(Canongate (UK), FSG (US), 2018)

Breaking News

by Alan Rusbridger

The distinguished ex-Editor of the Guardian reflects on the major disruption of established media in a book that will capture the feeling of what it was like to be at the heart of this revolution, and think about the implications for the future.

Alan Rusbridger is one of the most recognisable, respected and high-profile newspaper editors of his generation. In his new book he will report on the past, present and future of news. Reflecting on his twenty years as the editor of the Guardian and reporting from the frontline of modern news – including from within the news operations at Facebook and Google, and the ‘post-factual’ political campaigns of Brexit and Trump – he surveys the landscape of today’s and tomorrow’s news. And asks: what do these changes mean for us, and our abilities to hold those in power accountable?


It was my good luck – and the world’s – that Alan Rusbridger was the Guardian’s editor when powerful governments tried to prevent the paper from revealing that they had deceived and disempowered their citizens. Alan is a fearless defender of the public interest who has had a singular career in journalism. His book is an urgent reminder that there is still a place for real journalism -- indeed, our democracies depend on it.”
- Edward Snowden
In his career as a journalist, Alan Rusbridger lived through the physical transformation of the press from type to screen. He experienced the collapse of its business model, the rewiring of its connection to the public, its fateful collision with the surveillance state, and its global struggle to survive with enough strength to keep publishing what power does not want published. His account of those years is here. It is called Breaking News. It should be bought, studied and taught in university classes because we have to make the free press movable across tech eras and subsidy systems. Rusbridger’s immersion experience in bringing the Guardian across is beautifully rendered — and unique.”
- Jay Rosen, professor of journalism at NYU
Alan Rusbridger is the best, bravest, and most innovative editor of the age. And here are the stories of the age: how the Guardian broke some of the biggest news of the century. How he faced down the powerful men who tried to stop him. How he met the challenges the internet brought. How he reinvented journalism for a new reality. These are important stories, told with eloquence, intelligence, and grace. Breaking News is a vital chronicle of this time of disruption.”
- Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do