Craftfulness by Arzu Tahsin and Rosemary Davidson
(Quercus, 2018)


by Arzu Tahsin and Rosemary Davidson

To read Craftfulness is to take the first step on the path to leading a more satisfying and fulfilling life. A book in three parts, it focuses on:

· the science of creativity and the authors’ down-to-earth craft ethos, as well as why everyone should develop a craft habit;

· how to make time in a hectic life for everyday creative work, and how to overcome self-criticism and lack of confidence;

· simple but immensely satisfying craft projects classified according to which itch needs to be scratched, from anxiety and anger to melancholia and frustration (complete with beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions).

The result is a wonderful piece of soul cleansing and healing, and an all-you-need-to-know friendly guide to give you the confidence to give crafting a go.