Claudia Hammond

Claudia is an award-winning broadcaster, writer and psychology lecturer. She is the presenter of All in the Mind and Anatomy of Rest on BBC Radio 4 and the weekly Health Check on BBC World Service. She often appears on TV to discuss research in psychology, and is on the part-time faculty at Boston University’s London base where she lectures in health and social psychology.

Her first book, Emotional Rollercoaster: a journey through the science of feelings was published by Fourth Estate. In 2012 Time Warped: unlocking the mysteries of time perception was published by Canongate and won Best Popular Book in the British Psychological Society Awards, as was Mind over Money: the psychology of money and how to use it better in 2016. Her newest book The Art of Rest will be published by Canongate in 2019. In 2017 Claudia was awarded The President’s Medal by the British Academy for outstanding service to the cause of the humanities and social sciences.

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