The Girl in Green by Derek B. Miller
(Faber (UK), HMH (US), 2016)

The Girl in Green

by Derek B. Miller

There she is, in a line of refugees in Kurdistan, just before the mortar lands. The girl they failed to save twenty-two years ago.

Thomas Benton and Arwood Hobbes watch the video again. It can’t be her, can it? But as soon as they ask the question, the journalist and the ex-soldier both know they have to make the journey back to Iraq’s shattered landscape and broken heart - they have to know.

The ludicrous nature of the situation the characters find themselves in is expertly delineated. There is real heart here too, though, amongst the black humour.” - Doug Johnstone, Big Issue

A thriller that combines characters of more than usual sensitivity with the harsh reality of combat and a prescient analysis of the shameful behaviour of governments.’” - The Times


Miller brilliantly blends offbeat reflection and dark emotion ... A penetrating, poetic, and unexpectedly disarming book about the ageless conflict in the Middle East”
- Kirkus, Starred Review
An engrossing, eye-opening, elegantly written book, highly recommended.”
- Malcolm MacKay, author of The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter
A provocative engagement with US foreign policy is matched to rich and multifaceted characterization.”
- Independent
A thriller that combines characters of more than usual sensitivity with the harsh reality of combat and a prescient analysis of the shameful behaviour of governments.”
- The Times
Miller dives into the complex and confusing world of the Middle East with a depth of knowledge of the region and the forces at play that is obvious on every page. His writing is direct and powerful - it's impossible to read this without becoming angry and upset, but there is humor too, and just enough hope . His first book, Norwegian By Night, was one of my favourite books of 2013, and I think this one's even better. Verdict: heart-thumping thriller.”
- Herald Sun (Australia)
Before publishing Norwegian By Night Derek Miller worked in international affairs for over twenty years. In his new novel he calls upon his wealth of knowledge and experience to give us another emotionally moving thriller that looks at Iraq and the mess The West has made in the Middle East in the last twenty five years. Miller manages to convey all this to the reader in a page-turner that is both funny and sad, intelligent and full of hope. This is a must read from a writer of extreme talent and compassion.”
- Jon Page, Pages & Pages Booksellers
By setting his outstanding literary thriller in the confused, complex and volatile aftermath of conflict, Miller effectively guns down any notion of military heroics and instead focuses his verbal firepower on the plight of civilians caught up in the deadly wake of war..Written with Miller's incisive wit, intelligence, compassion and authenticity, this is a novel from a writer fast becoming a master of his craft.”
- Lancashire Evening Post
The exciting, elegantly constructed narrative employs repeated motifs, scenes and characĀ­ters to draw parallels between the current crisis in Syria and the first Gulf War. The overall effect is powerful and sobering. The charismatic, provocative Hobbes is a fine creation: fearless, driven and passionate. The show is almost stolen by the girl in green, who finally finds her voice and expresses the devastation laying waste to her homeland.”
- South China Morning Post
A stunning contemporary thriller.”
- Thriller Books Journal
The Girl in Green is one of those books that will definitely stay with you a long time after you've closed its covers.”
- Crime Fiction Lover