The Eternal City  by Domenica  De Rosa
(Headline Review, 2006)

The Eternal City

by Domenica De Rosa

As the youngest de Angelis daughter, Gaby has always had to vie for attention with brainy, holier-than-thou Anna, and bohemian, beautiful Maria. Yet in her heart she cherished the hope that she was her father Enzo’s favourite. On the day Gaby’s first baby, Kitty, is born, Enzo suddenly dies. Before the new family have had chance to bond they are plunged into the thick of the wider clan, as Gaby’s sisters devise a plan to bid their father farewell in his native Rome. But their interpretations of his wishes differ as much as their wildly conflicting advice on the fraught early days of motherhood. And in the heat and bustle of Rome itself, Gaby encounters once again the man everyone thought she would marry. Suddenly all Gaby’s certainties are shaken.


A charming and warm novel about families and secrets…fans of The Italian Quarter will not be disappointed. ”
- Brighton Evening Argus
This is a delightfully warm and tenderly observed novel about the love and rivalry between three sisters, a family turning full circle and a woman finding her way back home. ”
- The Bookworm
Witty and as light as a tiramisu but with tart insight on sibling rivalry. ”
- Nottingham Evening Post
How to visit Italy without leaving home… ”
- The Good Book Guide