Dr Hannah Fry

Dr Hannah Fry is a lecturer in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL. She works alongside a unique mix of physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, architects and geographers to study the patterns in human behaviour - particularly in an urban setting. Her research applies to a wide range of social problems and questions, from shopping and transport to urban crime, riots and terrorism.

Alongside her academic position, Hannah spends many of her days giving conference keynotes and taking the joy of maths into theatres, pubs and schools. She also regularly appears on TV and radio in the UK, most recently on BBC2’s ‘Six Degrees’ and in her own documentary charting the life of Lady Ada Lovelace.

For more information, go to her website. You can also find her on twitter and instagram @fryrsquared.


Hello World

Hello World

Transworld (UK), Norton (US), 2018