Elisabeth Kehoe

Born to New Yorker parents in Heidelberg, Elisabeth was raised in Brussels and Paris. She studied History at university in the U.S., and, after working for Revlon Healthcare in Paris, attended the elite business school Insead in Fontainebleau, France.

After receiving her MBA, she worked at Sandoz Nutrition in Switzerland, France, Belgium and the UK. She then went on to work for the British Museum in London and the Hôpital Salpétrière in Paris, returning to London again take her MA in Modern British History at University College and then a PhD at the University of London, where she now lectures in the post graduate British history course at the School of Advanced Study.

Her first book, ,Fortune’s Daughters: the Extravagant Lives of the Jerome Sisters: Jennie Churchill, Clara Frewen and Leonie Leslie (2004) was critically acclaimed, as was her second, Ireland’s Misfortune: the Life of Kitty O’Shea (2008). As well as broadcasting and participating in a number of radio interviews, and TV programmes, including ‘Lady Randy: a Life of Jennie Churchill’ for Channel 4 in the UK, she has presented ‘Secrets of the Manor House’ and ‘Secrets of Chatsworth’ for the US channel PBS.

For the past years, Elisabeth has been living in London, Paris and Dublin, and is now settled in London with her Irish husband Conor, and two daughters.