The Dark Angel by Elly  Griffiths
(Quercus, 2018)

The Dark Angel

by Elly Griffiths

Forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway is off on a working holiday to Italy. But the sunny hills of Lazio hold secrets as dark as any buried in the Norfolk marshes.

A prominent Italian archaeologist has unearthed a two-thousand-year-old undisturbed grave with a difference: the skeleton inside has a mobile phone. A harmless academic prank, or is a more sinister message being sent? Knowing Ruth’s reputation, Dr Morelli persuades her to come to the hilltop village of Castello degli Angeli and investigate his impossible find.

When DCI Nelson arrives in the area, Ruth is determined not to be distracted by what is either fate, or Cathbad’s meddling. Then a shocking murder rocks Castello degli Angeli. Whatever mysteries lie in the village’s past, someone will kill to protect them.

‘One of the most engaging characters in modern crime fiction’ Kate Mosse

‘Proof that thrillers can increase the pulse rate while tackling more serious issues’ Guardian