The House at Sea's End  by Elly  Griffiths
(Quercus, 2011)

The House at Sea's End

by Elly Griffiths

When a team of archeologists investigating coastal erosion unearths six bodies buried at the foot of a north Norfolk cliff, forensics expert Ruth Galloway is immediately put on the case. Just back from maternity leave, Ruth finds it hard to focus, and even harder when she learns that DCI Nelson is the investigating officer – Ruth and Nelson have unfinished business.

Forensic tests show that the bodies have lain hidden in the sand for fifty, even sixty years. Further discovery reveals that members of the local wartime Home Guard may be concealing a hideous crime.

When a body washes up on the beach, Ruth and Nelson realize that someone is still alive who will kill to keep hidden the gruesome secrets of the war years. Can they uncover the truth in time to stop another murder?

Elly Griffiths weaves a gripping tale combining fascinating forensic detail with action-packed scenes of terror. Add one of the most engaging characters to have appeared in recent crime fiction, plus an evocative and unusual setting, and you have a crime thriller that will keep you glued to the very edge of your seat.


After just two books in this gripping series the central characters, forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway and DCI Harry Nelson, have the allure of old friends, and it's great to find that the third title is just as enthralling as its predecessors ”
- The Guardian
Solid characterization, believable forensic science, great atmosphere, and a mystery that stretches back decades all make this another winner from the talented Griffiths.”
- Booklist