Seven Kings: How It Feels To Be A Teenager  by Fran Abrams
(Atlantic, 2006)

Seven Kings: How It Feels To Be A Teenager

by Fran Abrams

In Seven Kings, the respected writer and social commentator Fran Abrams looks beyond alarmist newspaper headlines about failing educational standards, yobbishness and delinquency to describe what makes today’s young people tick. At the heart of her book are seven teenagers from Seven Kings High School in Ilford, where Fran Abrams spent a remarkable year, following her subjects at school, at home and at leisure.

How will the ambitious of fiercely intelligent Perin, who refuses to see his wheelchair as a barrier to success, fare as he prepares to meet the harsher world beyond the school gates? Has Anthony, narrowly reprieved from exclusion, mended his ways sufficiently to win a university place? As a secular refugee from Islamic fundamentalism, will Ruhi find her feet in a class in which most pupils are committed Muslims, Christians or Hindus?

The result is nothing less than a portrait of a generation: one that will surprise, entertain, reassure and disconcert in equal measure. Hard hitting, revealing and as compelling as a good novel, Seven Kings presents a vivid picture of today’s young people in all their energy and uncertainty.