Battle for Rome by Ian Ross
(Head of Zeus, 2016)

Battle for Rome

by Ian Ross

The third novel in the Twilight of Empire series sees Constantine battling for supremacy against the tyrant Maxentius.

Centurion Aurelius Castus has been promoted to tribune, and seems settled in a life of comfort with his new wife and young son. But Rome is in the tyrannical grip of the usurper Maxentius, and the emperor Constantine plans to retake the city in a surprise attack from the west.

Castus, who once saved the emperor’s life, is called upon to play a key role in the campaign, but is enmeshed in politics and stratagems beyond his control. Nothing is what it seems - not even his fragile marriage to Sabina.


Ian imbues any situation with some wonderful twists, reinforcing that nothing in life (and therefore within these pages) is as simple as it seems ... a writing masterclass in adding research and factoids that help rather than hinder the pace”
- The BookBag