Advent by James  Treadwell
(Hodder UK, Atria US, 2012)


by James Treadwell

Once there were virtues in the stars and mermaids in the seas; but then a gift was lost, and all of that became no more than the stuff of fantasy.

What if it came back?

Everyone tells fifteen-year-old Gavin that the things he sees aren`t really there. He hardly believes himself any more.

Then he`s sent to stay with his aunt in Cornwall. She`s not there to meet him. But other things are, things no one will be able to ignore.

Magic is coming back, bringing terrible things with it . . .


It's a beautifully written tale - the first in a trilogy - which in one sense feels like a return to old-fashioned storytelling, yet manages to be utterly fresh. ”
- The Bookseller
The first in a trilogy, this is an interesting and original tale, bringing a fresh outlook to old stories, and the characters are well-realised . . . clever twists keep you hooked, and the ending and coda make it well worth the read. ”
Myth and magic in the modern world. A traditional quest tale beautifully told.... The human characters are realistic and sympathetic, even those who are by any definition, downright odd. The uncanny creatures are sufficiently spooky, horrible, vile and violent. The landscape is alive. ”
- The Bookbag
There is something profoundly different about Advent. Perhaps it is the atmosphere of history, magic and mystery it exudes, or maybe the curiosity of the characters. Or it could even be the beauty, the manipulation of the English Language that James Treadwell so clearly is a master of. Either way, you know you have something special in your hands even before the story begins ... ”
- ThirstforFiction
A beautifully written novel. Treadwell has the mother of all graphs on the English language! A perfect depiction of the perfect setting ... Classic and unbeatable formula ... This isn't just any YA novel, this is an astoundingly intelligent YA novel. This is a genuinely gorgeous read, and I can't wait for book two. ”
- FantasyNibbles
James Treadwell's debut fantasy novel, ADVENT, is nothing short of magical. It is a rich tapestry of light and dark which has been spun deftly thanks to some delicately intricate - yet nonetheless accessible - prose that stimulates the senses magnificently and so begs the reader to learn more, whether aficionados of the genre or not.”
Treadwell makes marvels from the simplest materials—a blooming rose, a rowan walking stick, a traditional carol—and brings his landscape to frightening and fascinating life. Readers of Susan Cooper and Alan Garner will rejoice to find the first of a new trilogy worthy of sharing their shelf.”
- Publishers Weekly