George and the Big Bang  by Lucy  Hawking
(Doubleday (UK), Simon & Schuster (US), 2011)

George and the Big Bang

by Lucy Hawking

One of the biggest science experiments of all time is about to take place – and George and Annie have got front-row seats! Eric, Annie’s scientist dad, is heading to the Large Hadron Collider to explore the earliest moments of the Universe – the Big Bang. Armed with his trusty super-computer, Cosmos, nothing can possibly go wrong …

… until George and Annie discover a fiendish plot to destroy the experiment!

Now George is swept into a terrifying adventure – out to a far-flung galaxy and into the quantum world – while he and Annie race to outwit a sinister group who are bent on the destruction of science. . .

This incredible adventure story includes some of the LATEST scientific theories about time travel and the Big Bang as well as special essays from some of the leading scientists in the world!

PLUS – full-colour photos of real images from space!