Jaded by Lucy  Hawking
(Headline Review, 2003)


by Lucy Hawking

William Gadget has his life on a plate – money, success, sharp clothing, a collection of platinum credit cards and even his own personal manservant. But he’s about to find out the price of the one thing you can’t buy.

Dragged into the sudden drama that erupts in William’s life, causing him to flee his flat in the middle of the night clad only in his pyjamas, are his friends: Jemal, reluctant producer of television’s most popular gardening show, DIG IT!; Dallas, a chain-smoking actor; freelance mercenary Mac; and Ambrosia, nomadic heiress, photographer and William’s oldest friend. In the wake of Will’s mysterious disappearance, they are forced to pool their resources to find out why he went and whether they can save him…

Warm, witty and deliciously unpredictable, Jaded is a must for anyone who’s winced in recognition at The Office, laughed at Notting Hill or longed for a more anarchic view on Friends.