Matt Parker

Matt Parker, known as the Stand-up Mathematician, can be seen talking about maths on the BBC and the Discovery Channel, in the Guardian and on stages across the UK, at science fairs, festivals and in theatres. Originally a maths teacher from Australia, Matt now lives in Guildford in a house full of almost every retro video-game console ever made. Nothing can ever stand between Matt and computers: he’s fluent in binary and could write your name in a sequence of 0s and 1s in seconds. In 2012 he and his Think Maths team made a functioning computer out of domino circuits: it took 10,000 dominoes, 12 people and 6 hours. When he’s not working as the Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow at Queen Mary University of London, doing stand-up or signing fans’ calculators at the end of a show, Matt spends his time walking aimlessly in the countryside. His favourite number is currently 2025.

In March 2019, Humble Pi became the first maths book in the UK to be a Sunday Times #1 bestseller.

Matt’s TV agent is Jo Wander at Jo Wander Management:


Humble Pi

Humble Pi

Penguin Press, 2019