Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge
(Michael Joseph (Penguin), 2014)

Eeny Meeny

by M.J. Arlidge

Two hostages. One bullet. A killer decision. Would you sacrifice yourself for another?

A deranged criminal abducts couples – the victims wake up disorientated and desperate, they’re trapped with no one to hear their screams. They shout and plead, they scramble around, and that’s when they find the gun loaded with one bullet and with it a terrible ultimatum: one of you lives and one of you dies. For the captor, it’s simple: set the scene, play the waiting game and leave them to do the hard work. For the victims, it’s psychological torture.

Helen Grace and her staff at Southampton Central Police Station are up against it. As well as hunting for a complex criminal, they must protect the damaged survivors, the abductor’s living calling cards. More pairs are kidnapped in quick succession: a mother and daughter, two work colleagues, a university couple - but how are they all linked? Helen throws everything at a case that suddenly, terrifyingly, begins to turn full circle…

In this startling debut, M.J. Arlidge makes us examine the strength of relationships, dark choices and the meaning of sacrifice.


Detective Inspector Helen Grace is one of the greatest heroes to come along in years. ”
- Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author
With an orchestration of tension that is always sharp and cinematic, M. J. Arlidge's debut novel grabs the reader by the throat. ”
- Barry Forshaw, Crimetime
This taut, fast-paced debut is truly excellent.”
- The Sun
It's amazing. ”
- Richard Madeley
Eeny Meeny is going to be as big as Jo Nesbo.”
- Judy Finnigan
M. J. Arlidge has created a genuinely fresh heroine in DI Helen Grace . . . he spares us none of the dark details, weaving them together into a tapestry that chills to the bone. ”
- Daily Mail
Eeny Meeny debuts one of the best new series detectives, Helen Grace. Determined, tough and damaged, she must unravel a terrifying riddle of a killer kidnapping victims in pairs. Mesmerizing! ”
- Lisa Gardner
Gruesomely realistic, intriguing and relentless”
- Sunday Sport
A gripping debut ... DI Helen Grace is a flawed but winning heroine ... and, boy, the pages fly by”
- USA Today
A fast-paced, twisting police procedural and thriller that's sure to become another bestseller”
- Huffington Post