Hide and Seek by M.J. Arlidge
(Michael Joseph (Penguin), 2016)

Hide and Seek

by M.J. Arlidge

Detective Inspector Helen Grace has spent her whole life running.

From the past. From herself. From everyone who’s ever tried to get close to her.

She’s spent her whole life hiding.

Behind the badge. Behind her reputation as one of the country’s best detectives. Until - framed for murder - she became one of its most high-profile prisoners.

Now there is nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

Because HMP Holloway is a place of dark days and long nights with dangers at every turn. Despised by the inmates and reviled by the guards, Helen must face her nightmare alone.

And then a carefully mutilated body is found in a locked cell.

Now Helen must find a ruthless serial killer. Before the killer finds her.


Helen Grace is one of the greatest heroes to come along in years”
- Jeffrey Deaver
The new Jo Nesbo”
- Judy Finnigan
Fast paced and nailbitingly tense ... gripping”
- The Sun
DI Helen Grace is a genuinely fresh heroine ... MJ Arlidge weaves together a tapestry that chills to the bone”
- Daily Mail
A grisly, gripping thriller”
- Sunday Mirror
An orchestration of tension that is always fluid and cinematic, Arlidge's writing grabs the reader by the throat - as does his single-minded, unconventional heroine”
- Crimetime
A great set-up, and Arlidge keeps the tension ratcheted up throughout”
- Sunday Times Crime Club
Expertly pulled off. It has a devious premise. DI Helen Grace is fiendishly awesome. It's scary as all hell. And it has a full cast of realistically drawn, interesting characters that make the thing read like a bullet”
- Will Lavender
MJ Arlidge’s addictive storytelling will have readers scrabbling at the pages as feverishly as an innocent clawing at a prison cell door.”
- Express