Mya-Rose Craig

Mya-Rose Shanti Craig is an 18-year-old naturalist, conservationist and environmentalist. She writes the popular Birdgirl blog, and set up Black2Nature with the aim of increasing the access to nature of Visible Minority Ethnic people like herself, organising a conference ‘Race Equality in Nature’ and nature camps, Camp Avalon.

Mya-Rose has raised awareness through articles, talks, panel appearances, including with George Monbiot and Caroline Lucas, and has featured on BBC2’s Hugh’s Wild West, Countryfile and Springwatch. In February 2020 she shared a stage with Greta Thunberg in Bristol, speaking forcefully to 30,000 youth strikers, and has been twitching with Jonathan Franzen, and made films with both Chris Packham and Sir David Attenborough.

Mya-Rose was the Minister for Diversity and for Nature and Conservation in Chris Packham’s Peoples’ Manifesto for Wildlife, and spoke at his Peoples’ Walk for Wildlife in September 2018. She is an Ambassador for Survival International and a Charter Champion for The Charter for Woods, Trees and People. Mya-Rose is still an avid birder and ringer, and is the youngest person ever to have seen half the world’s birds.

Photo credit: Mack Breeden


Birdgirl: This Is My World

Birdgirl: This Is My World

Jonathan Cape, 2022