The Gene Code: Dr. Adam Rutherford presents the modern story of genetics in a two-part series for the BBC

19th April 2011

The Gene Code, BBC4, Monday 18th and 25th April, 9pm.

There is a code at the core of every living thing that ever existed on earth, and it’s called DNA. It is only in the last few years that scientists have really begun to explore it, and in doing so, unravel how evolution connects all living things. In two parts, The Gene Code, presented by Adam Rutherford, takes us first on an epic 3 billion year journey from the simplest cells to us, using DNA as our guide, and then explores how far we have come in the decade since the human genome was sequenced. Have the promises of this epic task been fulfilled, and has reading the genome told us what it means to be human?

Click here to watch part one, The Book of Life, or here to listen to Adam talking about the programme on ‘Start the Week’ for BBC Radio 4. Adam’s first book, Creation, will be published in 2012 by Viking in the UK and Penguin Portfolio in the US. His TV agent is Sophie Laurimore at Factual Management.