The Trip to Echo Spring inspires rave reviews

7th August 2013

A stream of amazing reviews for Olivia Laing’s The Trip to Echo Spring, published by Canongate on 1 August:

‘Brilliant and original’, says John Carey in The Sunday Times. In The Times, John Sutherland writes, ‘Laing’s analysis of the complex addiction is consistently shrewd. But what makes The Trip to Echo Spring truly worthwhile is that she, like those she writes about, is a terrific writer. Cheers, Olivia.’

‘Laing’s prose is lucid and exuberant,’ writes Alice Sprawls in the Financial Times. ‘She rejects the opportunities for humour, although some of the stories are very funny indeed; and traces rather than interrogates her subjects. She knows them intimately and the result is a thoughtful study, part literary biography, part travel memoir.’

David Sexton in the Evening Standard agrees: ‘Laing writes so well, so seductively in fact, that this deconstructed way of pursuing a story works brilliantly.’ The Economist says: ‘In Ms Laing’s hands these famously complicated men become fragile, and terribly human.’ And the last word goes to Sebastian Shakespeare in Tatler: ‘Why read it? For its intoxicating prose and maverick spirit.’