Lucy Hawking on Radio 4

23rd July 2013

Listen out for Lucy Hawking on Radio 4 on Friday as she explores the history of synthesizing speech over the last 200 years.

Dennis Klatt was an American pioneer of text to speech devices, enabling those without the ability to speak to have a voice. Before Klatt died in 1988, he produced the definitive history of speech synthesis, which included recordings he archived charting the progress of the technology in the 20th century. Using Klatt’s extensive research as her cornerstone, Hawking will take us from the first electronic device produced by Homer Dudley in the 1930’s up to current research, which suggests people are disturbed by hearing artificial speech which is too human.

We’ll also hear from Klatt’s daughter Laura Fine, who worked with her father, as well as colleagues and researchers in the field of speech synthesis, and raid the archives of the Acoustical Society of America (much of which was archived by Klatt) for recordings of the wonderful and sometimes weird speech synthesizers.

Follow this link to listen in:

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