Outstanding reviews for The Knowledge

14th April 2014

Lewis Dartnell’s The Knowledge has been receiving some fantastic coverage in the week leading up to publication: the Times, Guardian, Independent on Sunday, Telegraph, Nature and Times Higher Education, have all reviewed favourably.

Where The Knowledge really succeeds is in demonstrating the interconnectedness of knowledge, the importance of the scientific method in advancing society, and the “symbiotic relationship” between scientific discovery and technological advance.” - Times Higher Education

The Knowledge is a terrifically engrossing history of science and technology. How exactly did people develop farming machinery, clocks, steam engines, glass lenses, radios, explosives, and the like? Dartnell deftly sketches the contours of each problem, and sympathetically reconstructs the reasoning applied.” - the Guardian

This is the most inspiring book I’ve read in a long time. It makes me want to assemble a radio receiver using aluminium foil and a rusty razor blade.” - the Independent

Dartnell is a confident writer, as befits a runner-up in The Daily Telegraph/BASF Young Science Writer Award, and the book never drags. And it probably is a good thing that someone has written this book. After all, when the fall comes, Wikipedia will probably be the first thing we miss.” - the Telegraph

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