Season To Taste or How To Eat Your Husband

16th January 2014

Publication day, and a flurry of brilliant reviews and coverage for Natalie Young’s extraordinary début, Season to Taste:

The Stylist’s Best Books of 2014.

Marie Claire’s ‘The 2014 Dates To Put In Your Diary. Immediately.’

Daily Mail: ‘Young writes in a wonderfully detached, dry-as-a-bone style.’

Irish Independent: ‘It is a thriller in the truest sense. I swallowed it whole, eager and enthralled. The narrative is crisp and snappy, the dialogue sparse, the pace never skips a beat.’

The Evening Standard: ‘Season to Taste by Natalie Young (subtitled How to Eat Your Husband) comes out this month and is tipped as this year’s Fifty Shades-style literary sensation, destined to capture the imaginations of more unhappily married, fiftysomething women with a weekend penchant for light sadism (and, in this case, horticulture and cookery).’

The Sunday Times: ‘It tells the story of 53-year-old Lizzie Prain from Surrey, who kills her nasty husband of 30 years with a garden spade, chops him up and turns him into various internal-organ stews and testicle sausages. What EL James did for sales of handcuffs — the idea goes — so Natalie Young will do for freezer bags and E coli.’

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