KT Medina Review Round-up

22nd September 2014

White Crocodile certainly has plenty of teeth for a debut novel… It is a mightily impressive effort to combine a fine, taut story with so many topical issues. Here we find the evils of modern day slavery, sexual tourism, child abuse, and domestic violence alongside the lingering legacy of the Khmer Rouge ordnance (even Jeremy Clarkson gets a mention). It sounds like a tall order but it’s not clunky and you rarely feel preached at. You may sometimes feel you want to put the book down, but that is a testament to the unflinching strength of Medina’s story. And you will pick it up again.” - Independent

Colourful descriptions of Cambodia transport the reader to a land full of mystery and primitive superstition, while Medina’s Territorial Army background feeds into an accurately detailed novel full of suspense and drama with a powerful female protagonist.” - The Sunday Express

The killing fields of Cambodia provide an unsettling, evocative setting for KT Medina’s impressive debut, White Crocodile. It’s a powerful, angry book, affected by Medina’s personal experience there, in a previous job.” - The Times

It’s Medina’s Cambodia that truly transports the reader, almost becoming a character in itself and giving the crimes of White Crocodile an original and intriguing context.” - Stylist

‘Few crime novels deserve to be called operatic - in the sense of being larger than life, with emotions etched in the most striking of colours - but K T Medina’s remarkable debut certainly qualifies for the adjective…Painted on the most ambitious of canvases, White Crocodile takes the reader into a Cambodia that suggests the fraught psychological territory of Joseph Conrad’s Africa in Heart of Darkness.” - Barry Forshaw, Independent

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