Hood Rat Short-listed for The Orwell Prize

25th April 2012

Described by the Telegraph as a ‘tremendous book, written with unobtrusive intelligence, vividness and clarity’, Gavin Knight’s debut, Hood Rat, has been shortlisted for the 2012 Orwell Prize for political writing.

The prize will be awarded to the work that comes closest to George Orwell’s own ambition ‘to make political writing into an art’, and will be announced on the 23rd May.

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Capturing the Season

12th April 2012

From Camille Pissarro’s, ‘The Avenue’, a fresh and verdant view of a Victorian south London suburb, to Paolo Uccello’s violent depiction of virility and seasonal rebirth in ‘The Battle of San Romano’, Jonathan Jones makes a daily selection of artwork that best celebrates the arrival of Spring in a new series for the Guardian.

Click here to see his picks.

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Risk Intelligence

5th April 2012

Why did most people think house prices would carry on rising for ever? Why are doctors and financial regulators particularly susceptible to massive errors of judgement? What do weather forecasters and expert gamblers have in common?

Dylan Evans believes there is a special kind of intelligence for dealing with risk and uncertainty, which doesn’t correlate with IQ, and which has never been studied before now. Watch this fantastic short film to find out more.

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On Being Darwin

7th March 2012

Follow this link to watch David Tennant, the voice of Darwin in the much anticipated The Pirates! movie, talk about playing the part, working with Aardman and the perils of falling in love with Queen Victoria.

The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists is out on the 29th March and has everybody tweeting #thepirates.

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Country Life

7th March 2012

A superb article in the Observer this week from Rob Penn, written in defence of the countryside following a recent campaign to encourage retirees to head for the city.

A wonderful celebration of rural Britain and just what we need as we eagerly await the arrival of Spring.

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Bath Spa Prize Announced

15th February 2012

We are pleased to announce the founding of the Janklow & Nesbit Bath Spa Prize, and deals with Random House and Headline for the 2011 winner. The prize, which is to be given annually, is awarded for the best work produced by a student on the Bath Spa MA in Novel Writing and comprises an award of £1,500 and the offer of representation to the winning student.

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The Art and Science of Translation

14th February 2012

David Bellos has spent his life working with words, often in languages other than his native English. A professor in the departments of French and Italian and comparative literature at Princeton, he is a translator of international renown whose new book, “Is That a Fish in Your Ear?” explores how people understand each other — or not — in various situations and settings.

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Meet The Author

6th February 2012

To coincide with the publication of James Treadwell’s first novel, Advent, Nick Higham interviews him for the BBC’s Meet the Author programme. Follow this link to watch.

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Taking Science to the Extremes

16th January 2012

Last night Kevin Fong took us to the ends of the earth in To Boldly Go, the second in a two part series for the BBC. Using himself as a test dummy, he explored the way the human body faces up against extreme altitudes and demonstrated just how high advances in technology might take us. Missed it?

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Keep Calm and Carry On

11th January 2012

Start 2012 as you mean to go on with Oliver Burkeman’s weekly advice column for the Guardian. This week, the unexpected potential ‘techno-distraction’ has to induce calm:This Column Will Change Your Life.

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