Oliver Kamm Review Round-up

18th February 2015

This week sees the publication of a brilliant new book, Accidence Will Happen, by Britain’s King of Grammar, Oliver Kamm. King Kamm writes on all things grammatical for The Times. His book is a complete boon for anyone who loves English and who has an ear for the rhythm of words. We may not know all the rules of grammar, but we certainly know what sounds right. Kamm gives you chapter and verse on why it is perfectly acceptable to split your infinitives. Why “double superlatives” are more than just kosher - they can greatly improve your prose. And why, say, phrases like “She was sat” are perfectly grammatical.” - The Huffington Post

His book is a welcome corrective to the notion that there is an objective standard we should strive for, and a celebration of a language in constant flux” - The Sunday Times

The Guardian

The Times

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