Sunjeev Sahota Interviewed for Open Book on BBC Radio 4

22nd June 2015

Sunjeev Sahota talks to Mariella about his new novel The Year of the Runaways which tells the story of three Indian men who come to England and try to survive in a world of ill paid work and cruel employers. Follow this link to hear Sunjeev discuss how he researched this powerful account of desperate lives, and why he often snatches the chance of happiness from his characters.

Published last week, The Year of the Runaways has been reviewed widely:

“This massive book, stuffed with compelling stories, rich in characters and resoundingly authentic in its detailing of life in the harsh underbelly of this country, should be compulsory reading. A magnificent achievement.” - The Daily Mail

“The Year of the Runaways is a brilliant and beautiful novel.” - Kamila Shamsie for the Guardian

…there is no denying that Sahota has painted a picture of modern immigration that reads like the real thing.” - The Independent

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