Dylan Evans is BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week

19th March 2015

Tune in to Radio 4 this week to listen to Dylan read from his incredible memoir The Utopia Experiment:

The Utopia Experiment is a true story that you just couldn’t make up - one man’s attempt to survive a global catastrophe by setting up a commune in Scotland.

While lecturing in robotics, academic Dylan Evans became increasingly concerned by the visible impacts of global warming, population increase, terrorism - and by our inability to cope with a doomsday scenario in a world engineered to just-in-time living.

The concern became an obsession and Evans left his post to run an experiment. He set up a camp that would create the conditions for a post-apocalyptic world. It was established in the Scottish Highlands with a collection of people chosen for talents and skills necessary in a life without technology or comforts.

The resulting story is a Lord of the Flies for the modern day, treating serious and normally sombre topics with dark humour. At its heart, however, is one man’s well-intentioned dream and the price he paid for trying to do something good.


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