Derek Miller shortlisted for Gold Dagger

2nd August 2017|Literary Awards

Derek B. Miller’s novel The Girl in Green has been selected for the 2017 shortlist of the Gold Dagger Award.

The Girl in Green is a brilliantly original and timely tragi-comedy about the consequences of the war in Syria and misguided attempts to help.

Iraq 1991. US soldier Arwood Hobbes is bored. When British Times journalist Thomas Benton – embedded in Arwood’s U.S. Army company – bribes Arwood with an ice cream to let him into the rebel-held stronghold of Samawah, Arwood perks up and an off-book mission is born. Three hours later, the village of Samawah is razed by Saddam’s helicopter gunships, Benton is trapped, and a village girl in a green dress dies in Arwood’s arms.

Twenty-two years later, in 2013, Arwood has become an arms dealer and Benton a washed-up hack. As refugees fleeing the war in Syria flood over the border into Kurdistan, the two men see TV footage of a mortar attack on a food queue, which seems to injure the same girl in the same green dress. It can’t be her, of course, but their sense of needing to make up for the past takes them back to Iraq to rescue the girl. It is a mad-cap mission that can only go wrong, and spectacularly wrong it goes …

Set in a Middle East filled with refugees, humanitarian organizations, insurgents, and national staff trying to rebuild their shattered world, The Girl in Green is not a war novel. It is a humane, compassionate, funny and haunting journey through that undefined space between war and peace.

The award has run since 1955 is presented annually to the best crime novel of the year.

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