Edward Dusinberre wins at RPS Music Awards 2017

10th May 2017|Literary Awards

Edward Dusinberre has won the RPS Music Award 2017 for Creative Communication with his book Beethoven for a Later Age.

The Royal Philharmonic Society Music Awards recognise outstanding musical achievement across the UK, with projects, artists and organisations from across the UK receiving accolades.

Edward Dusinberre is first violinist of the world-renowned Takács Quartet. Performances of Beethoven have shaped their work together for over forty years. In Beethoven for a Later Age, using the history of both the Takács Quartet and the Beethoven quartets as the backbone to his story, Dusinberre recounts the exhilarating challenge of tackling these pieces. Beethoven for a Later Age takes the reader inside the daily life of a quartet, vividly showing the necessary creative tension between individual and group expression and how four people can enjoy making music together over a long period of time. The key, the author argues, is in balancing continuity with change and experimentation – a theme that lies at the heart of Beethoven’s remarkable compositions. No other composer has posed so many questions about the form and emotional content of a string quartet, and come up with so many different answers. In an accessible style, suitable for novices and chamber music enthusiasts alike, Dusinberre illuminates the variety and inherent contradictions of Beethoven’s quartets, composed against the turbulent backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars and their aftermath, and shows that engaging with this radical music continues to be as invigorating now as it was for its first performers and audiences.

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