Rutger Bregman Features on The Daily Show After Media Flurry

13th March 2019

This week Rutger Bregman has appeared on the eminent Daily Show with Trevor Noah after causing a storm over his viral ‘taxes, taxes, taxes’ speech

at Davos in January. His attack on the wealthy elite for refusing to discuss issues around tax avoidance was swiftly followed by a tense exchange with Fox News host Tucker Carlson around Carlson’s own financial backing as a journalist, recorded and exposed by Bregman last month.

Bregman’s book Utopia for Realists has experienced increased sales since the speech, with both videos reaching millions of views and being shared by major media sites. Bregman himself has made wide ranging media appearances including high-profile interviews in the Guardian and the New York Times, discussing the utopian principles detailed in the book and how to work towards greater economic equality.

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