Nathaniel Alcaraz-Stapleton and Mairi Friesen-Escandell Appointed as Co-Directors

9th July 2021

Janklow & Nesbit UK are delighted to welcome Nathaniel and Mairi to the foreign rights team.

Nathaniel joins us from Hachette where he was head of rights at Headline and in August, Mairi will move from A M Heath where she is currently a rights agent.

Ellis Hazelgrove, who has been at Janklow & Nesbit since 2018, has been promoted to senior rights manager.

Director Will Francis said: “We can’t wait to start working with Nathaniel and Mairi, who bring with them deep experience from different sides of the market, literary and commercial, as well as a knowledge of both agenting and publishing. And we’re thrilled to promote Ellis, who has provided both flair and continuity to the rights department over the past three and a half years.