Ed Yong Wins 2021 Pulitzer Prize

15th June 2021

Ed Yong has been awarded the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for his coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in The Atlantic. He has continued to write definitive and nuanced pieces on the dangers of the pandemic and how the American Government failed in its response. His article How the Pandemic Will End is The Atlantic’s most read story.

The Pulitzer Board recognised Yong “for a series of lucid, definitive pieces on the COVID-19 pandemic that anticipated the course of the disease, synthesized the complex challenges the country faced, illuminated the U.S. government’s failures, and provided clear and accessible context for the scientific and human challenges it posed.”

The George Polk Award for science reporting, the Victor Cohn Prize for medical-science reporting and the Neil and Susan Sheehan Award for investigative journalism are among other awards to recognise Yong for his reporting across the pandemic. He was named by Poynter as “the most important and impactful journalist of 2020.”