Agent and Bonnier Books UK to ensure work by Dom Phillips ‘was not in vain’

30th June 2022

The agent of murdered journalist Dom Phillips, Rebecca Carter, hopes the book he was working on for Bonnier Books UK’s Manila Press can be “salvaged and published” to make sure the work that he did has “not been in vain”.

On 1st June Phillips set off from his home in the city of Salvador to embark on a journey to the Lago do Jaburu region of the Amazonas state with friend and guide Bruno Pereira to research the book How to Save the Amazon.

They were last seen on 5th June, and their bodies were later recovered. Three men have been arrested in connection with the crime, one of whom has confessed to murder, the Guardian reported.

Margaret Stead, publisher at Manilla Press, said: “We are all deeply shocked and appalled at the deaths of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira. We are thinking of his wife and family at this very sad time.

“All of us who met him were touched by Dom’s brilliance and determination, and the powerful message he wished to convey in his book, How to Save the Amazon. We very much want to find ways to honour Dom, and his essential and important message.”

Rebecca Carter, his literary agent at Janklow & Nesbitt, said: “The murder of Dom Phillips is a deep blow not only on a personal level to the many people whose lives were touched by him, but also to the ability of writers, journalists and environmentalists to pursue their crucial work in safety. I feel hopeful that some of his book can be salvaged and published, and I know that there are many excellent and skilled people who want to help make that happen, to make sure that all the work that Dom did, and the risks he took, have not been in vain.”

Phillips’ sister has recently come out saying he knew the risks but was committed to his work, believing the book he was writing to be “urgent.”

The publisher synopsis of How to Save the Amazon, initially scheduled to publish in April 2023, reads: “He has seen at first hand the devastation wreaked upon the Amazon. But speaking to people with the ideas and passion to fight back, he is also witness to the many efforts being made to avert that destruction, from encouraging the farming of sustainable foods, to giving riverside communities the resources and knowledge to protect and maintain their unique ways of life.

How to Save the Amazon is part travelogue, part guidebook out of environmental despair, as Dom Phillips takes us to the heart of this great wonder of our planet, showing us the myriad of peoples it sustains, and the many ways in which we can avert the collapse of this incredible ecosystem.”

Photo credit: João Laet