Pieter Waterdrinker

Pieter Waterdrinker, born in the Netherlands in 1961, lives in Moscow. He is the author of novels such as Liebmans Ring, A Dutch Romance, The German Wedding, The Death of Mila Burger, Lenin’s Balsam and Poubelle.

His work has been translated into English, Russian and German and has received several nominations for literary prizes in the Netherlands such as the Libris Literature Prize, the Gerard Walschap Prize and the Bob Den Uyl Prize. Waterdrinker has achieved international acclaim, including a nomination for the prestigious International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2011 for The German Wedding.

Poubelle was published in 2016; a panaromic novel exposing the dilemmas of modern times by means of, amongst other things, the war in East-Ukraine and the MH17 plane disaster. In Waterdrinker’s newest, strongly autobiographical novel 40 Tchaikovsky Street, he takes the reader on a staggering journey through Russian history and through his own life. 40 Tchaikovsky Street will be published in the UK by Scribe.

Photo credit: Julia Klotchkova


40 Tchaikovsky Street

40 Tchaikovsky Street

Scribe, 2019