Sarah Knott

Sarah Knott is a British-born writer, feminist and historian now living and teaching in the United States.

After training at Oxford University and the University of Pennsylvania, she was postdoctoral fellow on the international London-based ‘Women, Gender and Enlightenment’ project. She is currently Associate Professor of History at Indiana University, where she teaches courses in early American and Atlantic history, on the history of gender and maternity, and on the methods of history. She is the author of Sensibility and the American Revolution (2009) and numerous articles.

Sarah Knott has received numerous fellowships for her work from institutions such as the Rothermere American Institute, Oxford University; Harvard University; the American Philosophical Society; the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; and the Andrew W. Mellon foundation. She is currently a Research Fellow of the Kinsey Institute and an elected member of the Editorial Board of Past and Present.

Photo credit: Kate Raworth




Viking (UK) FSG (US), 2019