High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson
(Knights Of, 2019)

High Rise Mystery

by Sharna Jackson

The detective duo everyone is dying to meet!

Summer in London is hot, the hottest on record, and there’s been a murder in THE TRI: the high-rise home to resident know-it-alls, Nik and Norva. Who better to solve the case?

Armed with curiosity, home-turf knowledge and unlimited time - until the end of the summer holidays anyway.

The first whodunnit in a new mystery series by Sharna Jackson.


This story ... reads with a rare freshness and energy. The voices and the setting are convincing and vivid, as our attitudes to characters shift with new revelations, and the protagonists work to clear their father, under suspicion of the crime, and uncover truths about their neighbours in their tower block. This is not only an intriguing mystery, but a lively portrait of under-represented city lives.”
- The Sunday Times
Detective stories... have previously been the exclusive preserve of white children’s authors, but young readers with a taste for realism – and a certain degree of hardihood – have been flocking to Sharna Jackson’s murder mysteries, set on the brutalist Tri estate and featuring chalk and cheese sleuth sisters Nik and Norva.”
- Times Literary Supplement