Lovers in the Age of Indifference  by Xiaolu Guo
(Chatto and Windus, 2010)

Lovers in the Age of Indifference

by Xiaolu Guo

The lovers in the age of indifference are tough romantics from every corner of the planet: a marriage splinters during a game of mah jong; a depressed fiancée is lifted by a mid-air encounter with a Hollywood legend; a mountain keeper watches over a lonely temple but is perturbed when, finally, a visitor dares to arrive.

In this engagingly maverick collection of stories, writer and filmmaker Guo zooms into tender and surreal moments in the lives of lost souls and lovers, adrift between West and East. Her personal, provocative and charming fables capture the sense of alienation thrown up by life in the modern world, and we join her characters in their search for human contact – and love – in rapidly-changing landscapes all around the globe.


The bonds between people have become so fragile...Guo conveys this fragility attentively and with dry humour”
Guo writes with a delectable tartness and dry wit that banishes sentimentality... thoroughly modern love stories tailored to our times”
- The Lady
Slick, sexy stories...Guo is good at showing the dehumanising consequences of modernity”
- Metro