I Am China by Xiaolu Guo
(Random House, 2014)

I Am China

by Xiaolu Guo

I am China takes us from a detention centre in Dover, where exiled Chinese musician Jian is awaiting an unknown fate, to the seedy bars of small-town America with his girlfriend Mu, and the lively streets of East London where translator Iona Kirkpatrick is feeling adrift in her life. As Iona deciphers Jian and Mu’s ink-smudged letters and diary entries she unravels their poignant story to a tragic and powerful end. Xiaolu Guo brings her unique blend of her heritage of ancient Chinese folk legends and her fresh take on contemporary living to this mesmerising new novel. I am China is a love story of modern times and a vibrant, wise (and very funny) portrayal of multicultural society.


Heart-wrenching… An extraordinary and important book.”
- Charlie Cooper, Independent
I Am China is a moving tale of life and fate, love and loss, that will stay with the reader long after the last page.”
- New Internationalist
Piercingly urgent and revelatory.”
- i
Dark, witty fiction.”
- David Evans, Financial Times